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Working With Animals and Humans to Achieve Healing and Promote Wellness

Individual Services

We understand the importance of creating unique goals for every person. At Animals with Heart, we can personalize your experience and develop a wellness plan that's right for you. 

Working through the lens of a horse, they have this natural ability to hold a non-judgmental mirror that reflects parts of ourselves that we can’t see or don’t want to see. In this safe container, the horses can assist us in touching into our core and our heart.

Our individual services are available for both teens and adults. The duration of services can change based on each person's individual goals and needs. Contact us today and let us develop your plan.

Experiential Day

Experiential days are designed for organizations who are interested in learning more about equine therapy. This half day workshop can help staff and partners understand benefits for their own clients, referrals, and potential partnerships. 

There are many benefits to doing therapy in a group setting. Being around others can help us not feel alone in our challenges. It develops a way of giving and receiving support, as well as feeling more comfortable about voicing our needs and owning our stories.


When working with the animals in a group dynamic, we can learn from others' insights and experiences. The animals feed off the energy of a group and can be a caveat to stronger connections with others. 


Intensive Workshops

This is an experiential workshop that includes horses, mindfulness experiences, and expressive arts opportunities. Our workshops focus on building better communication and stronger relationships with one’s self and others.

These 1-4 day workshops can be customized for:

  • Corporate staff
  • Organizations
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Individuals

This rich process creates new thoughts and self-awareness that promote positive shifts within an individual as well as increases meaningful contributions to their environment. It can promote stronger relationships and communication within a workplace, family, group or for the self. 

Our intensive workshops will be tailored to your group's needs and goals. We offer options for accommodation, catering, transportation as well as additional activities to enjoy during your stay. Contact us today to plan an intensive workshop for your group. 

Lunch and Learn

We provide an educational presentation accompanied by animal-assisted therapeutic experiences with our horses and dogs at your organization. The presentation is specifically designed to meet your needs. Whether you want to break up routine from the traditional staff luncheon or offer an employee appreciation day, we have you covered.

We'll customize a package tailored to you. Regardless if you prefer to provide the food or want us to cater, we'll make sure we plan a fun and meaningful event for you and your staff.

*Off-site locations may be available. Please call for details.

Consultation Services

Looking to integrate equine and animal-assisted therapy into your organization? We can help!

Animals With Heart is proud to provide consultation services. Whether you're looking to provide new services for your existing practice or start a new business venture, we are happy to provide you with the tools needed to build a strong and successful foundation.

Do you own a business in another state? No problem! Animals With Heart provides consultation services across the country. Call today to find out how we can help you get started on your next adventure!

Upcoming Events


  • Individual, couple, family: $125-$200
  • Experiential services, half day, 6-10 people: $550- $1200 (includes light food)
  • Intensive workshops: starting at $750 (includes food)
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